About working with us

We have a strong, up to date infrastructure capital and so is our human capital. We place the human at the center of our activity while favoriting ambitious, hardworking and innovative people. Each one has his career and productivity being followed up bya mentor.

Productive vibes

We developed a strong culture based on self-growth and achievement. Each new comer runs through a cultural qualification process in order to whether or not fit into the global mindset of the team.

Shared Success

We acknowledge that every milestone crossed, success that happened is due to a close collaboration and one team member abnegation sometimes. That is why success is shared from all the collaborators with no exception.

Shared Success

We frequently organize side activities that are nurturing to the members where they can jump out of the deontology and express themselves through art, sport, parties, or travel. This is was has built our strong business units and reinforced our target-oriented craft.


Our people are intrapreneurs, they get encouraged on taking good initiatives and be a proposal strength in their services. We welcome any sort of innovation and enroll each one into a ranking process each single year that determinates their incentives.

Open Positions

Please find here our open and available positions in one of our offices where you can hopefully fit into the specifications and be a part of our big family.

Human Resources Assistant

Working with the human resources director is an opportunity for developing the fields skills and learn decision making. It also enrolls you for being the next HR Director

Area Sales manager

Your job will be to manage big accounts and to mentor the sales representatives into reaching the targets that have been fixed by the salesdirection.

Sales representative

You will directly collaborate with the Area sales manager and will have the mission of growing your portfolio.

Office manager

We need an office manager that is going to lean manage the daily activities of our office in Casablanca.


In this position, you’ll play a key role in the proper care and maintenance of our stock, including ordering, receiving, and managing inventory.