Dozens of partners rely on us to distribute their advanced skin solutions.

Our partners do trust our qualification process of the distributors in Spain and our care about heir brand safety. We provide professional assistance in all the value chain starting by the marketing, the logistics and also advise on the territorial particularities whether in a B2B approach or a B2C approach.

We understand that brand safety is a must, that is why we developed an agile collaboration process with our solution providers and partners.

Our distribution process and network are powered by a constant diligent best practice to be applied

We place innovation at the center of our collaboration, that’s why our partners benefit from rich conversation and help into decision making.


Thanks to some qualified and durable partnerships, we cover a large scopeof solutions in the skin car










We position ourselves as an educative authority in the market, that allows us to constantly spread the skin care culture and develop the market wherever we operate.

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We don’t think of ourselves as business doers only, we are a company thatis formed by a hard labor of each one of our employees. Our hiring processmake it mandatory to choose people with chemistry and scientific background as well as frequent training for all the staff.

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Product Showcase

Here are the best-selling products issues from the last quarters report.


Sun Ceutic 50+

Provides very high protection for skin exposed to UV rays and helps to prevent premature aging of skin.


AZELAC RU Liposomal serum

INDICATION: Concentrated serum to improve the appearance of brown spots and evens out the skin tone ...


Tri Vita C30

An innovative combination of 3 forms of Vitamin C to reach several depths of the skin and release an ...



INDICATION: Anti-ageing cream, deeply moisturizing. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Especiallly ...

Over 10 years making impact

Trusted by professionals

Our company has developed a strong relationship with researchers, practicing doctors and aesthetic medicine influencers.

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